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3ivx DirectShow Video Decoder

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The 3ivx DirectShow Video Decoder provides a front-end to the 3ivx Video Core, allowing DirectShow based applications to decode 3ivx D3, 3ivx D4, DivX 3, DivX 4, DivX 5, XviD, MS-MPEG4v3, Simple and Advanced Simple Profile ISO MPEG-4 compliant video, and other variants. The decoder can successfully decode bitstreams from many non-compliant or broken MPEG-4 encoders.

The decoder can make use of the 3ivx Video Post-filters to dramatically improve the perceived quality of a video.

The decoder supports MPEG-4 Pixel Aspect Ratios for anamorphic decoding, but only when decoding from MP4 files, and only when an overlay is possible.

3ivx D4 4.5 for Windows - DS Video Decoder Properties Configuration Options

Use Auto-Select for Video Filter Level
When enabled, Automatic Video Filter level selection will pick an appropriate video filter level based on CPU resources. By unchecking "Use Auto-Select for Video Filter Level" you can manually control the level of filtering used, the minimum is None (i.e. no filters, fastest) and the Maximum is all video filters, currently there are 4 different filters, which makes 5 levels including None. The higher the filter level the more CPU power is required to decode. The recommended setting is to use Auto-Select.

Force Overlay
You can configure the decoder to force the use of the video overlay. This can accelerate the video decoding and help to produce smoother video. Overlay mode is always used with non-square Pixel Aspect Ratios

3ivx D4 4.5 for Windows - DS Video Decoder - Priority Settings DirectShow Priority
The DirectShow Priority properties page allows you to configure the priority of the 3ivx DirectShow decoder, and enable or disable the various compatibility decoders for popular MPEG-4 variants.

The DirectShow Priority slider affects the DirectShow merit of the 3ivx DirectShow Decoder.

The DivX 3, 4, 5 and XviD checkboxes prevent 3ivx from decoding the common FourCCs for these video formats when unchecked. You might use these checkboxes if you wanted some other decoder to decode one of these formats, but to use 3ivx for other formats.

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